How To Prevent Blocked Sewers

    We often forget about our sewers and how much we depend on them to take away our waste and prevent it from flowing through our streets, and it's when we forget about it that we take it for granted and do things that cause it to becom....

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  • Local plumbing guidelines

    Wollongong Plumbing Care Tips

      Wollongong is one of the best cities in the world! Imagine our life without plumbing. We wouldn’t be able to shower (think of times using a bucket and a cloth), wouldn’t be able to wash our dishes effectively, ....

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  • RW Jones Plumbing - Common things to avoid disposing in directly through the sewage

    Read This Before You Continue Blocking Your Pipes

    We can all admit to that one of the most annoying problems is blocked drains! Allowing common stuff into drain can cause serious issues, where most people are not familiar with the extent of the possible issues. For example, pouring the ....

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  • RW Jones Plumbing - Avoid holiday disasters, sort out your plumbing issues before hand

    Avoid Plumbing Disasters During Holidays

    Avoid Plumbing Disasters During Holidays With long weekends and holidays coming up, the last thing anyone wants is a blocked or leaking pipe at the time of relaxation! You invite your friends over, have a few drinks and next thi....

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