Tips and tricks you might want to know before you call a plumber


Tips and tricks you might want to know before you call a plumber

There would be many things around your house that you can attempt to fix yourself. They include patching up any broken tile, changing a light switch and many such simple basic things that you could find easy to do by yourself. However, when it comes to plumbing, it is a totally different story as an even smallest mistake in the Do It Yourself plumbing repair can end in a big disaster. It means when you find any problem like leak, faucets or leak in plumbing joints, it is very necessary to call in a professional. When it comes to hiring the best plumber and getting your job done, R.W Jones Plumbing Services Pty Ltd, Wollongong, offers you top notch services. To get Wollongong plumbers to have a look at your plumbing problems and for perfect maintenance of your plumbing works, you can just contact R.W Jones plumbing community which provides a one-stop destination for all your plumbing problems.


There are a few plumbing tips and tricks available that you should try before you wish to call a plumber. Many of these are easy maintenance tricks that you can do yourself. Here are top two tricks for fixing minor plumbing issues:


1. To speed up your slow drains, you can use the table salt to clear out a slow drain. You can start this method by pouring a quart of hot water through the drain and letting it move through entirely. Later sprinkle a half cup of table salt into the drain and after this, finally, rinse the salt down the drain with another quart of hot water. The abrasive action of the salt will help to loosen debris from the pipe sides and hot water will help to flush out totally


2. Cleaning out garbage disposals regularly is the best trick to avoid the need of calling a professional to clean a smelly, backed up disposal. The best method to clean and freshen garbage disposal is by using lemons, ice cube tray, and white vinegar. For this, first, you need to cut two lemons into small pieces as of ice cube size and should place them into each cup of an ice cube tray. Fill the tray with white vinegar over the tops of the lemon wedges. Freeze this tray that contains lemon & vinegar cubes. Later take these cubes into any plastic bag and store them in your freezer for future use. When you find your garbage disposal getting little funky, you can drop a few of these cubes into your garbage disposal and can let them run until they are broken up.


Though nothing can replace the experience and expertise of a professional in case of a real plumbing emergency, for smaller plumbing issues, it is not always necessary to call a professional, if you knew a method that could help you with fixing your plumbing problem. However, to fix critical problems like a leak, faucets at your Wollongong home, you can get Wollongong plumbers to have a look at your plumbing problems by just contacting R.W Jones plumbing community that provides you unmatched services.