A Flush to Remember


A Flush to Remember

After removing an old toilet, I did the classic handyman trick of stuffing a bunch of plastic bags into the sewer opening. This kept the stench from seeping into the bathroom while I installed the new toilet over the weekend. After setting and hooking up the new commode, I did a test flush. It was very satisfying to watch the water swirl down and the bowl fill up—and up and up! The toilet gushed water all over the floor. Turns out the other half of that trick is removing the bags from the sewer opening.

- Rob Kiesling via The Family Handy Man


Plumbing is an integral part of any construction, and it requires experienced plumbers to complete all the plumbing works efficiently. A small mistake can be the reason behind the construction defects and its undoing. There are various types of plumbing jobs where expert plumbers to be hired to get the job done quickly and perfectly. It can be general plumbing works, new pipe fitting, repairing, leak detection, blocked drains and blocked sewers works, renewal and renovation of lines, installing new services and likewise. If you are living in and around the city of Wollongong, you should avail the services of R.W Jones Plumbing who have 70 years of experience in delivering high-quality plumbing services. Whether it is general works or emergency plumbing work, you can give them to call and be rest assured that your problem will be solved in minimal time at affordable rates.

The Types Of Plumbing Services You Can Avail –

Plumbing services are required in both domestic works as well as commercial works. Not just during the construction, one needs to hire plumbers for various types of post-construction works like repair, detection, renovation, new installation and likewise. Instead of hiring an amateur plumber, you should hire an experienced and expert plumber at affordable rates. Plumbing work is quite critical and requires various skills and precisions. Unless one is experienced, there could be inefficiency in the work which may not be visible immediately but would create big problems in future. The following are the different types of plumbing services provided by experienced plumbing service providers.

General Plumbing Service – It includes all your daily complaints like blocked drains, water leaking from pipes or taps, bursting pipes, leak detections and inspections. It requires experience and modern techniques to do such works efficiently and quickly. The faster one can do the works perfectly, the better will the customers’ satisfaction.

Hot Water Plumbing – Whether it is hot water pipe and appliances installation or repairing bursting pipes or leaks, it has to be done with full precision and safety. Only experienced plumbers must be hired to avoid serious future consequences and accidents.

Installation and Renovation – There is always a need of inspecting and renovating the plumbing system to avoid leaks and damages with time. During new construction and post-construction, there are lots of plumbing installation works required and availing quality plumbers will get eh job done in minimal time and without hefty spending.

Commercial Works – Whether it is the complete plumbing system required in a commercial real estate project or plumbing works related to blocked sewers, experienced plumbers from R.W Jones Plumbing Services are ready to provide the best quality services with fast response. They use latest technologies and modern equipment like camera inspection to deliver high-quality service every time.

From blocked drains and sewers to general plumbing and hot water system, they are available 24/7 for all emergency plumbing works. If you are from the city of Wollongong or surrounding areas, you should avail your required services from R.W Jones Plumbing Services Pty Ltd.