3 Things Everyone Should Know About Plumbing


3 Things Everyone Should Know About Plumbing

Like many other things in life, we as humans leave things until last minute or until a lot of damage has been done. Although Wollongong is a slower paced city compared to Sydney, our attitudes of maintenance correspond to “I’ll do it tomorrow or next week”. Why wait?

Plumbing and hot water services maintenance are a neglected area which is only turned to when times are rough or dire.

However, like maintaining oral hygiene, plumbing should also be maintained as much as possible to keep the doctors away!

Here are 3 handy reasons why plumbing & hot water services are important and what you can do to maintain your pipes.

Reason 1: Cost-Friendly

Have you ever been hit with an expensive quote from a plumber and had to look elsewhere; only to find the cost the same if not more expensive? This is because ignoring one problem over time tends to create 3 more problems. Calling the plumber as soon as you notice a problem may seem like a hassle, but your bank account will love you more compared to ignoring it until the pipes are beyond repair.

Reason 2: The Unseen

Just like a doctor’s x-ray, there are issues lying beneath which you may not be aware of. Sure, your toilet seems to be working just fine, but beneath the surface there may be issues you are unaware of. The friendly Wollongong plumbers here at R.W Jones Plumbing can look for you!

Reason 3: No “Band-Aid” Solutions

As a society and a culture, we are “too proud” to ask for help. So when we notice an issue, we try to fix it ourselves; similar to how we don’t read instructions before assembling a bed. Why is this bad? Because it’s like asking a dentist to fix your broken ankle. For this reason, you shouldn’t try to fix your own plumbing issues because you may make it worse and hurt your bank account even more. Call the Wollongong plumbers!

Now that we know why plumbing is so important, what can you do right now to keep your plumbing well-maintained? You can:

  • Look out for troubling issues and sounds which don’t feel right.
  • Know how to turn off water supply if an issue occurs.
  • Recognise small issues like a leaking tap and know that it isn’t just annoying; it can create serious issues like mildew.
  • Remember when to use half-flush and full-flush.
  • Clean drains whenever possible and only use trusted cleaning products.
  • Give your pipes extra attention as the weather gets colder.


It should come as no surprise that a plumber is an important extended-family member. Call the team here at R.W Jones Plumbing Services today to discuss any issues plumbing and hot water related today on (02) 4271 5300 or riley@rjsplumbing.com.au

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