Read This Before You Continue Blocking Your Pipes


Read This Before You Continue Blocking Your Pipes

We can all admit to that one of the most annoying problems is blocked drains! Allowing common stuff into drain can cause serious issues, where most people are not familiar with the extent of the possible issues. For example, pouring the bacon grease into sink after preparing breakfast is a common method in many households. This blog explores some common misconceptions about your drain disposables.

Hair and Dental Floss:

This is the most usual thing confessed everywhere. Hair would be the most things that often make its way down the drain. Few strands over there is not a big deal, but when it builds up more, this would be the largest clog.

Fat, Oil, and Grease:

Among all, these are the most common things which damage the drain. Hence, try not to allow these things into the drain. Instead you can follow some other methods to dispose of because the fat and some other oil items would easily make clog in the faucet. The build up usually is quite serious as many layers top each other up in various density making it extremely powerful blockage over the time.

Paper Products:

Many would be thought that the toilet papers have designed in dissolving form, but even sometimes this can cause a blockage, especially in mix with other disposables.

Coffee Grounds:

It is always recommended to get rid of the coffee grounds into the trash bin instead of the sink.

Egg Shells, Bones, and Hard Food Waste:

Even though the garbage disposals drained into the faucets can sometimes shred the water materials of the food with ease, this thing still likely can cause the serious clog in the system in the long run anyway. Trash it.


This is the most common act followed by many people, but many do not aware of the seriousness behind this. Even though you found that this drained easily into the drainage, there is the huge possibility of the stuck middle of the faucet. When this would happen, be aware that this problem would not be rectified without assisting the professional plumber straight away.