Wollongong Plumbing Care Tips


Wollongong Plumbing Care Tips


Wollongong is one of the best cities in the world!

Imagine our life without plumbing. We wouldn’t be able to shower (think of times using a bucket and a cloth), wouldn’t be able to wash our dishes effectively, wouldn’t be able to wash our clothes with little effort, and we wouldn’t have proper house draining solutions for water floods.

While we do not recommend DIY on actual plumbing pipes & hoses, we do have some tips which can help prevent or delay plumbing issues.

Read on to discover some useful tips & tricks for plumbing home care.


No Hair Down the Drain

Hair is often washed down the sink, shower, and/or toilet. Hair probably won’t clog on the first go. But over time, hair builds up in drains and causes an expensive problem.


No Wipes Down the Toilet

This happens quite often. Because baby wipes and make-up wipes look like toilet paper, this doesn’t mean they can be flushed down the toilet. Toilet paper easily breaks down and won’t cause clogs while wipes don’t break down as easy and can cause blockages.



Before calling a plumber, there are some home measures you could try to unclog a drain. Start by pouring half a cup of salt down the drain. Then pour hot water down the drain. If that fails, try…



Did you know room temperature soft-drink can work at unclogging drains? Start by pouring room temperature soft drink down the drain and leave for a few hours before pouring more water to check. Be sure to avoid diet soft-drinks when using this method as they don’t work as effectively.


Avoid Cheap Drain-Cleaning Products

Believe us when we say they’re cheap for a reason. They can actually cause more damage to your pipes by eroding cast-iron drainpipes. Before buying a more expensive drain-cleaning product, feel free to give us a call to discuss if this is an okay product.


Don’t Wash Oil Down

Oil is a thick substance. If you compare the texture of water to the texture of oil, you will begin to understand why drainpipes are for water only. Not only can oil cause a clogged drain, it can also cause pipe damage.


The Handy Plunger

Never underestimate the magic a handy plunger can do. They come in many shapes and sizes. When there is a minor clog in a drain, plungers fix that. However if you’re finding that you’re using your plunger more than usual, there could be an underlying plumbing issue that needs fixing.


Use Sink Strainers

Always use sink strainers. They are a plumbing clogging preventer. They’re cost-effective and work like a charm.

We hope this list of home tips to prevent plumbing issues helped you out. We don’t recommend DIY plumbing, but the above tips are used as a preventer rather than a solution to plumbing issues.

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