How To Prevent Blocked Sewers


How To Prevent Blocked Sewers

We often forget about our sewers and how much we depend on them to take away our waste and prevent it from flowing through our streets, and it's when we forget about it that we take it for granted and do things that cause it to become blocked.

A sewer becoming blocked may seem like something small, but it can have very bad consequences such as bad smelling air, increased bug population, disease and structural damage to nearby homes.

There are a plethora of things that can come from a blocked sewer pipe or drain and some of them include

  • E.coli
  • Hepatitis A
  • And many more

So as you can see preventing blocked sewer drains is a must and here are some ways you can help prevent them from happening.

  1. Don't flush plastic. When plastic gets flushed it can get caught in your drain or even clog a sewer drain.

Plastic is a big contributor to blockages so choosing to recycle your plastic rather than throw it away where it may blow into a storm drain or flush it where it could clog a drain is a safer option for you and the rest of your area.


  1. Your sink is not a grease trap. You may think that tipping your excess fat or grease down your sink is fine but it can do major damage in the long run.

Most plumbing problems are caused by clogged drains and one major cause of blockages is a build-up of fat and grease which can then trap passing rubbish creating a block. If you think you may have a build-up of grease in your drain call your plumber for help immediately.


  1. Hot water. Hot water is a good way of getting rid of blockages and an easy quick fix in most cases.

It's a good idea to pour hot water down your drains every once in a while since it will help to loosen any grease or fat you may have stuck in your drain, and is an easy way to ensure you're helping keep your drains clear of any build-up.


We often neglect our drains because we don't think about them but doing these simple things and following the rules will at least help prevent any blockages from happening in the future.

Having a blocked sewer can be a massive pain so getting on top of it as soon as possible is the best option for you, luckily RW Jones Plumbing is here to help with our years of experience helping those in the Wollongong and Illawarra area and we can help with any plumbing problem.

We deal with problems such as blocked drains, hot water service and repair and blocked sewer pipes and drains, no problem is too big or small so if you have a plumbing problem that needs attention or fixing give us a call or visit our website for more information.