• 3 things everyone should know about plumbing

    3 Things Everyone Should Know About Plumbing

    Like many other things in life, we as humans leave things until last minute or until a lot of damage has been done. Although Wollongong is a slower paced city compared to Sydney, our attitudes of maintenance correspond to “I’....

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  • what to do if you have never called a plumber and your new home has plumbing issues

    A First Timer's Guide To Plumbing

    A First Timer’s Guide To Plumbing

    There are so many reasons why plumbing is important in your homes, and there are also so many reasons why homeowners forego the hiring of professional plumbing ser....

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  • Common reasons for water heater failure

    Is There Trouble With Your Water Heater?

    As soon as water is heated, there are components and chemicals like calcium carbonate that are present and settles down with the water. You might not notice it at first because they have been dissolved along but when it happens, it can c....

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  • Blocked drains, Clearing blocked drains, RW Jones Plumbing

    A Flush to Remember

    After removing an old toilet, I did the classic handyman trick of stuffing a bunch of plastic bags into the sewer opening. This kept the stench from seeping into the bathroom while I installed the new toilet....

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