Blocked Sewers

Blocked Sewers

Blocked sewers are undoubtedly one of the worst problems you can face. Sewers are at the heart of all your plumbing in your property. It is like the backbone of your plumbing system, connected to your toilets, sinks, baths and kitchen. One blocked sewer may bring down your whole plumbing structure, therefore it is important to really take care of any blockages and be wary of anything that might cause a blockage.

Blocked sewers are tricky to fix and you need professionals to ensure that it is fixed perfectly and won’t happen again. Here at RW Jones Plumbing, we are a team of accredited, professional and insured plumbers and technicians who can solve your blocked sewer problems any time, any day. We are on call from 7am to 5pm and cater to all parts of Wollongong and surrounding suburbs, including the Greater Illawarra region. Being locally owned and operated right here from the beautiful coastal town of Wollongong means that we can be there at your home in no time if you have any plumbing and blocked sewer emergencies.

Our plumbers are experienced, skilled and have been working locally in Wollongong and Illawarra for years now. They have intimate knowledge of the sewer system in Wollongong and Illawarra as well as the best tools and technology to fix your problem. Whether it is a mild blockage or a serious one, a commercial or residential property, our team can fix it all. We always make sure that when we enter your house, we are respectful of your property, and our customer service is unlike no other you’ll find in the region. Your peace of mind and trust is a high priority for us at `RW Jones Plumbing.

There are many signs of blocked sewers. Some of them are issues with a blocked toilet, root intrusion in drains, loss of drain pressure and loss of water pressure.  When a blockage occurs, you may notice a build-up in the toilet when you flush, water not draining properly from the sink, shower or bath, sewage rising up through the inspection shaft or overflow relief gully and sometimes even a strange a smell inside your home or property.

If you notice any of these symptoms of a blocked sewer, you need to get professional help ASAP. Call the blocked sewer experts, RW Jones Plumbing, in Wollongong for help. Australian Standard’s regulations state that sewage pipe work can only done by a licensed plumbing contractor, and that’s where we come in. Our team are all licensed and know exactly how to fix any sewer problems and comply with the Work Health and Safety Regulations. Call us at  (02) 4271 5300 or simply message us about nay queries you may have, Were happy to help you with any problem or questions and your peace of mind of having a healthy plumbing system is our #1 priority.